Senior 3D Generalist & Realtime Artist

I've been a professional 3D generalist since 2008.

After a decade in high-end 3D architecture and CGI production, I embrace the new power of real-time engines:  The "Unreal Engine 5".

The knowledge gained from years of working on large FullCG productions in the industry, combining design, animation, lighting, modeling, texturing, rendering and post-production, now helps me to achieve a new quality of real-time and CGI content.

Beautiful things can now happen much more efficiently, quickly and realistically than ever before.

I offer great technical know-how, professional workflow and experience in design decisions and art direction.

Feel free to contact me via e-mai: mail@peteroldorf.de.

Realtime Texturing, Lighting, Assetcreation, Game- & Leveldesign
Project: TBA

Character Design, Modeling & Rig
Project: TBA

Realtime Worldbuilding, Lighting & Videoproduction
Project: Better Light Than Ever - Contest

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experiences
contact me for more details

Fotorealistic Full CGI Environment, Architecture & Rendering